Wedding planning can be very hectic but especially for women. There’s so much to do within a short time. Aside from the dress, the most important wedding costume is shoes. They will either make you have a fun day or a gruesome one.

Make sure you choose the right shoes for you

Many people will help you plan the wedding but they are just observers of the wedding. You are the one who is wedding therefore the event is yours. So, when choosing your costume, you should listen to advise but choose that which works for you.

Remember, there are many styles of shoes, you just have to know how to rock it. The essence of this day is to make the shoes stylish yet comfortable. Honestly, you shouldn’t wear a 5-inch stiletto if you have never tried it before. You will feel uncomfortable.

Often you will have a rough idea of the shoes you would love to wear long before you even purchase the dress.

Consider the venue

Before you start checking out your attire, you should know where you intend to have the wedding. Is it a church wedding, ballroom wedding, barn wedding or my all-time favorite garden wedding? This will determine the kind of shoes that will work for you.

For example, if you are going for a garden wedding and the weather isn’t that comfortable, you should get flat shoes or a flat wedge. They will make it easy for you to go through the garden terrain.

However, if you are going to a church wedding, you can use your highest heels if you love them. So, the bottom line, confirm that the shoe you choose works well with the location you choose.

Research and buy the shoe early

There are many shops you could visit to get your perfect shoes. You should buy the shoes early as you will know how to match them with your dress.

For some people the whole process of researching the best shoes to use is hectic. Thankfully there are online stores today that you can use to guide you. I like to visit different stores but my favorite one is Ego shoes.

Thus, when you see a shoe of interest at ego, you can then read to the Ego shoes review to confirm that it’s the best choice for you.

Do the shoes make you feel special?

It’s your big day and it happens only once in a while so everything you do should make you feel special.

While you don’t have to do anything for anyone you should feel good about yourself and make others want to copy your style. Only choose the shoe that stands out and enhances your style both in real life and outside.

Try them

Before you make a commitment, try them on and see how they look on you. Make a few steeps with them around your carpeted house to see if they are comfortable. Be sure you like the way they feel before you decide to purchase them.

You can buy a few pairs

As you are planning the event, you may decide along the way that the shoe doesn’t suit you. That’s why you should buy a few pairs just in case you need to change at the last minute.

Do you like to dance? Consider the above factors and know whether the shoe you like is comfy. Go on and enjoy your big day.